France, 2020
30 min
Directed by Elsa Brès

The first attempts to map the Mississippi Delta date back to the early 18th century. An uncontrollable, fragile and shifting environment in itself, it has since been constantly transformed by the exploitation of its resources.
Navigating between time and space, inhabiting the edge between the real and the speculative, Sweat gradually immerses us between the lines of the maps, in the fluctuating and insubordinate part of this territory, by following the living beings that inhabit it.

World premiere at FID Marseille 2020 - FLASH COMPETITION

with the support of La Région Occitanie,
et le Consulat de France en Louisiane, Deltaworkers residency, le Dôme festival.

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avec - with
Liam Conway
WIlliam Jackson
Alanna Maureen Geare
Libbie Allen
Chase Mathey
Telltales collective

written and directed by
Elsa Brès
image and sound
Elsa Brès
with the help from Lucas Palen, Noé Cugny, Camille Lenain
Elsa Brès
sound editing
Rémi Mencucci
Maxence Ciekawy
Méryll Ampe
Ivan Markovic